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March Reflections


I can’t believe it’s March 31! Typically, in the world of education, March is a very long month.  It’s a time when everyone’s nerves are shot.  March is too far removed from Christmas Break to feel any residual refreshed feelings, and Spring Break is too far out of reach. Throw in the cold weather, more dark days winter, standardized testing, and evaluations, March is just plain icky. It’s busy and it’s grumpy. It feels like it will never end.

But not this March.

Back in February, when I was contemplating joining the SOL challenge, I really believed that I didn’t need one more thing to do in March.  Something didn’t feel right about not joining, however.  I had sliced for the three previous years, so to skip this year just seemed strange. So I committed to the challenge, and hoped March did not seem endlessly long.

And I was pleasantly surprized.

Slicing this year became my stress relief. It took my mind from daily stresses. It gave me time to myself. It gave me an outlet for savoring simple moments.

I love to preserve moments, which is why I take so many pictures and create scrapbooks. This March, I was able to capture the ordinary, which is what preserving moments is all about. When I’m 80, I don’t want to just look back and remember the big events of life, I want to remember LIFE itself….the things that make me laugh, the things that irritate me, the things that warm my heart. Several of my March slices will find their way into my Project Life scrapbook, merging picture and story. Stories that are too important to forget, like Karisa being a good friend or finding the Easter dress with the most perfect twirl.

The most important story I told this month, however, came at the beginning of the month. We had recently returned from a trip to Florida where we were visiting my in-laws. One day at the beach, I was struck by the contrast in my daughter’s youthfulness and my mother-in-law’s aging.  It was just a fleeting moment, but it lingered with me.  I had to write about it. I crafted the story tenderly.  I worked to capture that contrast, the briefness of the moment, and how it startled me.  It was a story that needed to be told to help me make sense of the reality of aging parents. It was a just a glimpse, but was so much more.   When I read this post, I think “this is the kind of writer I want to be.”  For this post alone, I’m glad I joined the challenge. Otherwise, the words would probably still be swirling in my mind, just waiting to be crafted on a day that might never come.

I’m so thankful that I was able to capture “The Glimpse” and to preserve so many other memories this month.  March became a respite from the grumpiness and stress. I’m so glad I joined the challenge!




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“March Reflections”

  1. March 31st, 2013 at 4:25 pm       Jacquelyn Haworth Hoy Says:

    I just left you a long comment and then got the spam thing wrong and it erased my comment…grrrr. Oh well, I will try to repeat it. I remember your Glimps post as it reminded me of my changing role…from aunt to great aunt…and how I remember m great aunts…most seeming so remote…so I try my best to be part of my nieces and nephew’s lives. The fact that your post got me writing about one of my experiences when I was commenting on your post bothered be at first….and then I realized that when we have memories of our own…we have connected…and that is what happened. I have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you continue. Jackie

  2. March 31st, 2013 at 11:28 pm       Jaana Says:

    You created many memorable glimpses! Hope to read more on Tuesdays!

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