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Family Secrets


I’m sure every family has some quirks (at least I hope so, so that we don’t seem so weird).  Here are a few of ours:

Me: The cereal bowls must be stacked in 2 stacks in the cupboard, with one stack in front of the other. The back stack must always be one bowl higher than the one in front. You know, so that I can tell that there are still bowls behind the front stack.  The glasses are kept on the left side of the cupboard in 3 neat rows.  Always remove them from right to left. Not from the left and definitely not from the middle of the row. That’s just wrong and if it happens, I will slide the remaining glasses to the left in order to fill the gap.

My Husband: This super-organized guy likes to collect things. Of course, most of his collections are from his childhood and they are neatly stored away in tidy boxes. However, he has this new collection-related quirk. Every morning, he stops at the corner gas station to purchase a bottled Starbucks iced coffee. He thinks the bottles are cool.  So now he’s collecting the bottles. REALLY? “What exactly are you planning to do with 24 Starbucks bottles?” I’ve asked. His reply? “Use them for storing screws and nails and nuts and bolts and stuff. Do you realize how many different kinds of screws and nails I have?” I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure Lowe’s or Home Depot sells some sort of screws/nails/nuts/bolts organizers for this sort of thing.

Karisa (age 7):  She’s a sorter. Need something sorted? Give it to this girl. She’ll take care of it for you. She has this magnetic calendar with lots of little magnetic “buttons” to mark holidays, special events, season changes, etc…  For fun, she routinely sorts the buttons and re-organizes them. Currently, the buttons are sorted into different categories (holidays, school events, sporting buttons, “Go To….”) and within each category, they are alphabetized.

Me:  I’m a compulsive note-taker.

My Husband:  Is meticulous with his handwriting (he’s an architect, so I guess that sort of makes sense)

Karisa: Loves to watch QVC because she likes to try memorizing the item numbers of all the products.

Me:  I somehow have a mysterious subscription to Us! Magazine–as in a gossip/entertainment magazine. I have no idea how I started receiving it (I also mysteriously started receiving Prevention magazine and Working Mother), it just started arriving. I’ve never been an entertainment magazine reader, but since it started arriving in my mailbox every Friday afternoon, I’m a little bit hooked. It’s important to keep up with all the noteworthy headlines. Ok, not really. I know that. But, it is fun to look at all the beautiful dresses Hollywood women get to wear.

My Husband: Can’t stand to have his feet touched. (Don’t get near him when he’s barefoot or in sandals. He’ll freak out–panic, thinking you’re going to step on his feet.)

Karisa:  Also can’t stand to have her feet touched.

Me:  Can’t stand to have my nose pinched. It makes me feel like sneezing.

My Husband:  Loves to have his head rubbed to fall asleep.

Karisa:  Loves to have her back scratched to fall asleep.

Me:  I do a lot of head rubbing and back scratching. Unfortunately, not to help me fall asleep.


I hope we’re not the only strange ones out there….


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