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Must Haves?


I’m worried I may have a future shopaholic on my hands.  Karisa has discovered QVC and she loves to watch it. She’s mesmerized by every product and believes that we need them all.  So far, she thinks we need to order:

 a leaf blower

 a power washer

 scubby mitts

 outlets that rotate

 a ceramic pig that holds your pots and pans scrubbie

lights that turn on as you approach them

an iron with over 400 microsteam holes

utensils that hook onto the edge of your pans to prevent them from sliding in

a purse caddy for organizing all your stuff (and for easy transfer to another bag)

a sliding/rotating spice rack

Oh boy. She’s in first grade! What is she going to be like when she’s 16? At least she’s practical!

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“Must Haves?”

  1. March 28th, 2013 at 9:42 pm       C. Crouch Says:

    That cracks me up and I can relate! My 6 1/2 year old song quotes these informercial lines like “And if you act now mom, they will double your order!” He is practical too like the new Ipad pillow her thinks we should order for Papa and the travel neck pillow that he is sure I need. At least he is thoughtful! Just hide the credit card mom!


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