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Saving Today


My one and only is growing way too fast. She’s seven. Seven! Thinking about her growing up, becoming a teenager, a young adult, a woman, makes me catch my breath. I so often want to freeze time, to preserve what is now.  

I’ve been known to beg her, “Can you please stop growing?”

I’m always met with her all-knowing smile, “Mama, you know I can’t stop.”

“I know. It’s just that you’re my favorite girl in the whole world.”

“You’re my favorite mama.”

We have this conversation all the time.  While I have found immense joy in each of milestone and stage of life, I have also become very sentimental about graduating from the previous stage.  I want to bottle up a moment, memorize her giggle, remember the funny things she says.

I know I can’t stop her from growing. I know that I will continue to be in awe of her as grows. I know that I will continue to be sentimental.

And so I write about her. I freeze time. I preserve the now.

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“Saving Today”

  1. March 27th, 2013 at 9:42 pm       Beth Rogers Says:

    Keep writing. I was re-reading blog posts from two years ago to my students and I literally choked up at the moments I had captured of my sons. Moments we capture in writing are rarely those that we freeze in pictures. Both are precious. I wish I had written more,

  2. March 27th, 2013 at 10:26 pm       Nicole F Says:

    Kari – every word that you said in this post resonated with me. I too, like you write to capture the moments, the small ones. Not the trips and the things I know I’ll remember but the small everyday seemingly insignificant details that I know will slip away.

    You saying that thinking of her growing makes you catch your breath, and that so epitomizes my feelings with my girls exactly. I want to live in the moment, to take it all in. And although I know that the next moment will be great too, but as she grows our relationship changes, she’ll mature, I’ll change as a Mom and it will never be like it is right now.

    The saying is true – having a child is like having your heart walking outside of your body.

    When I tell my daughter to stop growing, like you, she says, ‘Oh Mom … I will always love you, even when I’m big.”

    Oh Lord, I hope so!

    Thanks for writing something so honest and truthful!

    Take Care. Your daughter is blessed to have you as a Mom.

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