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Sunday Blessings


Sundays are blessings.  On Sundays, I can:

Go to church and worship.  My church is blessed with a phenomenal pastor and Christ never fails to speak to me through Pastor Bill.  We are also blessed with a talented worship leader who works so hard to meet the needs of the congregation.  She balances traditional music with contemporary.  Music has always been a powerful part of my life and during our morning worship, I often feel the Spirit moving in me, preparing me for Pastor’s message.  Worship is the perfect way to start my week but I always wish we could sing just one (or two or three) more songs.   It’s just a very powerful time for me.

Spend extra time with my family.  Saturdays are often busy days, so Sundays are our time to play, read books or watch a movie, build block towers, or play games together. 

Rest. I enjoy cooking, but I do like to play it low-key on the weekends.  Lunch is always something simple on Sundays, which gives me more time to relax before it’s time to prepare a salad, dessert, or side dish to take to small group (unless we’re hosting…then goes out the window).  During my “resting,” I read, scrapbook, or take a hot bath (sometimes it’s so nice to have even just a half-hour to myself).

Go to Small Group.  Our small group has been together for about five years; some of us have been in a group together for nine, and several of us have been friends since childhood.  We meet on most Sundays and I really miss the group when we don’t meet. This group has been such a blessing!  We are such close friends, we are like an extended family. We have supported each other through hardships, we each other grow in our walks with Christ, and we laugh.  Oh, how we laugh! My faith is stronger and my life is richer because of this group.

Sundays are blessings.


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“Sunday Blessings”

  1. March 6th, 2011 at 10:10 pm       Caroline Says:

    Isn’t worship great! It sets the tone for the week.

  2. March 8th, 2011 at 6:52 pm       Heather Says:

    Yet another reason why I admire you, why I strive to be “just like you”. Tis all I can say.

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