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sols_green-copyIn my role as assistant principal, I have already begun formal teacher observations for this year.   I enjoy visiting classrooms, but regret the time it takes away from my role as a literacy coach.  Balancing the two roles has been difficult this year since there have been increased demands in my administrative position.  I have felt a bit detached from the work I love most.  My mind has been cluttered with administrative tasks and district initiatives.  But today–today, I observed Michelle and in the process, my  literacy coach’s soul was fed.  On days such as today, when I get to observe such rich instruction, such authentic work, I feel the passion I have for reading and writing workshop pulse through me, I feel invigorated, I feel stretched.  There are moments when I long for my own classroom, which usually come after I spend time in Michelle’s room. Today was no exception and I view that as a compliment to Michelle because I leave fully motivated.  She emulates everything I believe in and love about reading and writing workshop.  I get so excited to observe her because I know fantastic reflective conversation will follow.  Conversation won’t be forced, it will be energized.  I will learn as much from Michelle as she will from me.  I feel so blessed to work with teachers who stretch me, who invigorate me, who inspire me.  Michelle’s is a classroom that I always hate to leave.  I love the feeling of community…the reading and writing culture…that she has established.  I love the conversations that are taking place about books, about reading lives, about personal goals.  If I ever have the opportunity to return to the classroom as a Gen. Ed. teacher, I want to teach just like Michelle.

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  1. September 15th, 2010 at 10:02 am       jee young Says:

    Wow, that must be a lot to juggle, being an assistant principal & lit. coach! Sounds like you have some great teachers at your school!

  2. September 15th, 2010 at 10:17 pm       onesunflower Says:

    Thank you for the energy and commitment to teaching and teachers that you bring to this writing. Our school is in AYP jail and our principal is having to step up the class visit rounds and I celebrate the collaborative nature of the visitations. But some of my colleagues aren’t so receptive. Positive reflections like yours are so helpful to the work and professionalism of our practice.

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